Kai silk's history

The origin of Kaiki started from 400 years ago. Dutch merchant ship had brought with Sarasa, and at the time this fabric was called Kaiki with the character "sea mood"(kai ki). But later on the character Kai (yamanashi erea) is used to represent this fabric from the region. On the other hand, it is said that Kaiki's origin started from 2200 years ago when Jofuku from China visited Japan to search for the medicine of eternal life, he had brought the technique of weaving and sericulture to this region. Also the natural environment of this region helped the textile industry's development. Hard water without chlorine from Mount Fuji creates wonderful coloring on textiles. Kaiki needs enormous delicate processes to create certain beauty and because of its beauty and chicness, there are many refers about Kaiki in literatures.

Hardship of Kaiki

Since Kaiki became important part of regional industry, and for keeping its quality, prefecture supported to build up the dyeing factory, industrial school and industrial testing center to support from human resource as well as production technique. As a result, Kaiki has gain the high reputation and expanded its export toward korea. But from world war 2, it should reduce the production and also because of the rise of chemical fiber, Kaiki needed to disappear after WW2. Even Kaiki has disappeared as the regional industry, there technique and spirit had been passed toward new generation craftsmen and now using new advanced technology and equipments, Kaiki started to be focused as a beautiful heritage.